Roofing Services in Decatur

Are you in search of a reputable roofing company in the Decatur region? If so, you will find no one better suited to serve you than the professionals at ExP Contractors LLC. Offering the most comprehensive, affordable, and effective roofing services in the area, we are here to ensure your rooftop stands the test of time.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our roofing team whenever you wish. Our phone number is (470) 796-2352, and we always pick up the phone.

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All the Roofing Services You Need

Property owners near and far look to us for all of their roofing needs—and with good reason. Over the years, we have tended to the roofs of countless clients. Time and time again, we didn’t just meet expectations—we exceeded them. We owe our success to the materials we use, our emphasis on planning, and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Roof Repairs

We repair everything from hail damage on metal rooftops to punctured roofing systems. Don’t let those roofing damages linger for long. Call us at the first sign of trouble.

Roof Maintenance

What is the best way to see a return on investment when it comes to the roofing system? Stay on top of the roof maintenance. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way. We’ll reattach the flashing when high winds tear it off the roof, address any minor issues whenever they arise, and more.

New Roof Installations

Do you want to trade in the old and inefficient roofing system for something that retains the indoor heat a little more? Do you want to make sure your newly built home has the best roofing system possible? New roof installations are our specialty.

Emergency Roofing Services

We are always punctual—but never more than when we receive an urgent call from our clients. Let us be the ones you contact when you need emergency roof repairs and other services.

Repairing Roofs and Serving Clients

Clients contact our roofing company because of our patented approach to our trade—but that’s not the only reason. Property owners continue to contact us because of our client-centered approach to doing business. We don’t just address your roofing-related needs—we anticipate them, making for a seamless roofing experience.

We price services with our clients in mind, ensuring you never get stuck paying more than your fair share. We also offer quick turnarounds on all work—which we provide without having to rush through our efforts. From the moment you contact us until the moment we conclude our work, we promise nothing short of the best service possible.


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Whether you need prompt roof repairs or want to discuss a future roof upgrade, we are the ones to call. With a full suite of services at our disposal, years of experience to our name, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, how could you go wrong?

Speak with a roofing expert by calling (470) 796-2352 at your convenience.