4 Benefits of Collaborating with a Professional Roofing Company for Your Commercial Property

Getting the appropriate roofing for your commercial property is a serious business. If you own or manage a commercial building, you may already know about some of the benefits a professional roofing company can bring to the table.

A do-it-yourself strategy seems attractive for saving some money in the short term. Especially if you’re a small business, this may seem like the right way to go so your business profits are not obstructed in order to repair your roof.

But no matter how many DIY videos you view, your training and skills in the field, the tools and materials you have access to will come up short compared to a professional company. If you attempt to fix up or install your roofing by yourself, it will begin to unravel soon enough and force you to spend even more money enlisting a qualified roofing contractor to do the same job -this will have a considerable impact on your business’ profits at the end of the day.

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If you are still not convinced by the advantage of hiring a roofing company, we’ve listed out a few benefits here for you so you can make a more informed decision:

1. Professional Workmanship

Professional workmanship comes as a result of a significant amount of theoretical and on-the-job training and continued education. As a business owner or manager, you could watch all the DIY videos available online, but your quality of work is still not going to remotely match that of a competent roofing contractor. This is because the roofing contractor has undergone a series of time-consuming educational sessions, and apprenticeships and has obtained sufficient hands-on experience to acquire their license.

There is a lot more to roofing than just gluing roofing material onto roofing beams. There are a variety of obscure elements that come into play during a roofing installation. From installing ventilation outlets where necessary to providing expert attention to flashing, a roofing contractor would look out for all the relevant factors when installing or repairing a roof that wouldn’t cross your mind.

Installing your roof without adequate experience will mean you are making minor or major mistakes that you don’t realize until later. This can lead to heavy leaks that could damage your inventory or mold growth that puts the health of your employees at risk. All such issues can be mitigated if you hire a qualified roofing company.

2. Safety First

Roofing is not an activity for the faint-hearted. It can be a dangerous endeavor that puts lives at risk if not implemented correctly. There have been countless cases of laymen falling off their roofs when trying to perform even menial roofing tasks, so why risk it?

A licensed roofing company will ensure that its employees are all fully educated on safety procedures to observe while on the job. Furthermore, they are also given necessary safety gear to use while they are operating on the roof. With their experience performing such dangerous tasks, they are able to adhere to all the safety standards present in the industry, including wearing safety gear and applying the essential safety protocol, so no one’s life is in danger while your roof is being attended to.

3. Access to Quality Materials

You are probably already aware of the myriad types of roofing materials available in the market. From shingle, clay and metal to glass, wood and asphalt, a building can be covered by any of the options from the wide selection that exists. Now, how do you know which material to pick? It is not as easy as browsing online for a book or a phone case. There are a few elements that go into selecting the right roofing material for your commercial building. Picking the wrong one could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance down the line.

If you employ a roofing company, they will sit down with you to learn about all the requirements of your roof. They will ask the right questions to identify the specifications of the roofing material appropriate for your building. Once they have listed these out, they will put together some recommendations for roofing materials along with pricing so you can choose an option that works for your commercial needs.

Walking into the nearest hardware store may get you roofing supplies that seem to work for the time being. But a roofing company can help you gain access to the best quality roofing materials the industry has to offer. They have a professional network of vendors and the know-how to discern quality in supplies. They can pass on this advantage to you, so you are able to source the best roofing materials in the market to use on your commercial property.

4. Timely Project Execution

It is pretty obvious that roofing is a highly time-sensitive task. While the roofing is uninstalled or in disrepair, the interior of your building and its contents are in jeopardy. The weather can complicate matters to no end. Not to mention, business activities cannot be conducted well or at all while the roof is incomplete - time becomes critical for this reason.

Recruiting a competent roofing company means that your roofing project will be executed in a timely manner. Having worked in the field for ages, roofing contractors are already aware of how a lack of adequate roofing can harm the interiors, contents of the building and the business activities that are to be conducted inside. Hence, they are quick and efficient with their roofing service to get your building fully covered and running again in no time.


With the above-stated factors, you now understand better what role a roofing company plays when you require roofing services.

Boasting years of experience with every type of roofing issue, ExP Contractors LLC is adept at roofing repairs, installation and maintenance services, so you don’t have to take on the burden alone. Phone (470) 796-2352 to get expert advice from our qualified and licensed crew.